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The Year 2024

The Year 2024 is a Wood Dragon year (a Gap Shun) Wood Earth year.

This can be a very auspicious year, a year of growth and determination, where life can be very good and work well in your favour.

There is a lot of the element Wood in the chart of 2024, which in turn feeds and supports the element Fire, which in turn feeds and nurtures the element Earth, therefore the element Earth is very strong throughout 2024. The element of the Dragon is Earth, therefore the Dragon energy will be very strong throughout 2024.

To gain maximum benefit from this powerful year, tidy your life – keep where you are living and working clean and tidy, clear any clutter and do any personal clearing and releasing that is required.

This is excellent news if the element Earth is one of your supportive elements, however, if the element Earth is one of the elements you need to avoid, then the year 2024 will have its challenges!!!

If you do not already know your supportive elements then Jilly can prepare a twelve month forecast for you, giving your supportive elements and colour together with details of how to support yourself throughout the year. If you know all the auspicious times you can use them to maximum benefit. If you also know the challenging times then you can take steps to minimise their effect.

Jilly can be contacted on or by telephone Jilly in the UK on 07989 676 648.

A personal twelve month forecast is £138, or your full personal chart, together with your own twelve month forecast is £382.

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We can give you expert advice on your health, relationship, money and career based on your own unique Chinese Astrological chart. Using Chinese Astrology, Jilly can give you very accurate and comprehensive advice based on a detailed analysis of the year, month, day and hour that you were born, together with your place of birth.  This enables you to gain maximum benefit from your own unique Chinese Astrological chart.

Jilly will explain your chart to you as well as providing you with a detailed written report.  This will contain complete details of the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) that support you and how you can easily maximise all the positive aspects of your chart and minimise any less auspicious features.
For expert advice on your health, relationships, money and career based on your own unique Chinese Astrological chart call PJ Energy Solutions today.
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One of the great advantages of a Chinese Astrology chart is that it provides you with solutions and ways of effectively changing all aspects of your life for the better.
Contact Jilly to talk about how this unique and effective way of moving forward will enable you to gain maximum benefit for all areas of your life.
Using Chinese Astrology, we can also provide you with a twelve month unique personal astrological forecast which can help you navigate your way through life for the better in the coming year. For your own twelve-month forecast contact Jilly.