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We can give you expert advice on your health, relationship, money and career based on your own unique Chinese Astrological chart. Using Chinese Astrology, Jillian can give you very accurate and comprehensive advice based on a detailed analysis of the year, month, day and hour that you were born, together with your place of birth.  This enables you to gain maximum benefit from your own unique Chinese Astrological chart.  

Jillian will explain your chart to you as well as providing you with a detailed written report.  This will contain complete details of the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) that support you and how you can easily maximise all the positive aspects of your chart and minimise any less auspicious features.
For expert advice on your health, relationships, money and career based on your own unique Chinese Astrological chart all PJ Energy Solutions today.  

The Year 2021

The year 2021 is the Year of the Ox, a Yin Metal Earth Year.

The Ox is hard working and conscientious. Someone born in the year of the Ox (2021, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937 or 1925) is not afraid of hard work, they will always see tasks through to the end. They are loyal, determined and good at planning, although they do not like change!

When we look at the chart of the year 2021, there is a lot of the Earth element present within all aspects of the year. Everyone will be working hard and financial rewards will be there, with more rewards to come in the future as the result of the hard work.

2021 is about ensuring that we are doing our best, looking after our bodies to the very best of our ability, ensuring that our homes are organised, clean and tidy. The lockdowns are giving us the time at home to look within, to reassess our values and issues, and to work on these to resolve and move beyond any negative tendencies. Source Energy Healing can help you with this

If you would like help to navigate the next twelve months, then Jillian’s in-depth personal twelve months forecast will guide you through the next twelve months in detail so that you can maximise all the good positive features of the year and minimise the less positive features.

Jillian can also produce your own Chinese Astrological chart with full written report to guide you through your life and show you how to ensure that you are well supported.

Whether you are looking at a Personal Twelve Month Forecast or a Full Chinese Astrological Chart and Report, then Jillian will show you the solution to your chart so that you can reap the benefits of all aspects of your life.

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One of the great advantages of a Chinese Astrology chart is that it provides you with solutions and ways of effectively changing all aspects of your life for the better.  
Contact Jillian to talk about how this unique and effective way of moving forward will enable you to gain maximum benefit for all areas of your life.
Using Chinese Astrology, we can also provide you with a twelve month unique personal astrological forecast which can help you navigate your way through life for the better in the coming year. For your own twelve-month forecast contact Jillian.