Dowsing & Geopathic Stress

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Professional Services to bring Harmony to you and your Environment

First a word about Dowsing and Geopathic Stress

Dowsing involves searching, with the aid of simple handheld tools or instruments, for that which is otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. It is commonly known by most people in association with searching for underground water, but it can also be used to detect detrimental earth energies caused by the presence of flowing underground water.

There are many places on the surface of the Earth where these energies occur. These places are said to be Geopathically Stressed

Geopathic Stress (GS) can adversely affect the health of those who live and work in homes and businesses that are affected by it. Spending long periods of time in an area that is geopathically stressed, particularly in your bed, can be a contributory factor in the incidence of chronic ill health.

One of the main effects of GS is that it prevents therapies from working in the way that they are intended. It inhibits the expected healing improvements.

Even at low levels, exposure to GS can mean restless sleep, insomnia, fatigue and headaches or migraines but more serious consequences can include arthritis, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. Many illnesses can be said to be location specific and when people have been away from home their condition may improve but reverts on their return. Cancer has been referred to as “a disease of location”.

Now how we deal with Geopathic Stress and associated detrimental energies in the environment.

Our professional services to restore balance in your environment, whether that be in the home or at your place of work, concentrate on three principal areas that invariably require attention. These are Geopathic Stress (GS), Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Predecessor Chi or Energy (PC).

The need for working on these areas is established both by Dowsing which is Peter’s speciality and by feeling the energy which is Jilly’s skill.

The flowing water that is the cause of GS is not water that is the result of rainfall or of the presence of drains, but water that is formed deep within the Earth and forces its way through the geology beneath a property and disturbs the natural frequency at which the Earth vibrates. This change in the frequency is not in resonance with our own natural brain wave frequency, when our brains are in their healing mode (when we are resting or asleep), and so it is difficult for our immune system to effect essential repairs.

Peter has developed techniques over many years to harmonise GS. We use kinesiology (muscle testing) to demonstrate the changes that we have been able to effect in your environment. This is a powerful validating experience to give confidence that the energies have been changed to be beneficial.

EMFs are found in the electrical wiring, electrical appliances, computers, routers, microwaves, mobile phones etc which emit subtle detrimental energies. They can be demonstrated to have a detrimental effect on our bodies using kinesiology. These energies can also be harmonised so that they no longer cause any harm.

Predecessor Chi is the energy of those who have lived in your house or occupied your business premises before you, including those who built it, worked on it or in it, or had anything to do with its placement on the land.

There are so many examples of people and businesses saying that everything in their lives and their business was fine until they moved to their current building and on questioning find that the previous occupants had money problems, relationship issues or health problems.

The energy from these experiences remains in the fabric of the building and has an influence on the new occupants. We ensure that the only energy that is in your home or business is that which is created by you for the wellbeing and prosperity of you and your family or your business.

It is also important to consider what may have happened to the land on which the building was built. Have there been any battles, skirmishes, plagues, accidents, or other activities the energy of which may still be lingering in the fabric of the building or in the land on which it has been built? Is the building built with materials that have been the subject of a past trauma which remains in the foundations, walls, or timber? These unhelpful energies can also be cleared.

The clearing of these principal detrimental energies constitutes what we call a General Clearing and is applicable to the vast majority of houses and businesses to which we are called.

There are often other energies that also need attention, and these can include energies which are connected to us as individuals and interfere with our general health and wellbeing. These are often caused by traumas that have happened in our lives or in the lives of others who are connected to us. They can also be cleared.

After doing our general clearing, we will go round your property room by room, corner by corner, space by space, to identify any of these other detrimental energies and deal with them on a one by one basis until we are satisfied that your premises are as energetically clear as they possibly can be. This ensures that no fragments of detrimental energy remain which could be a catalyst for these energies returning.

At the conclusion of this work, we take you through a simple visualisation to protect your home or workplace to ensure that none of these detrimental energies return.

We also have techniques to protect individuals from detrimental energies that they may encounter anywhere in the World outside their premises.

We remain available for a period of six months after working on your premises so that, in the unlikely event that you feel that we need to look at your property again, we can do extra harmonising work. This can be done remotely at no extra cost.

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