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About PJ Energy Solutions UK

PJ Energy Solutions offers expert advice on health, relationships, money and career based on Authentic Feng Shui principles which, when combined with personal Chinese Astrology and an energy appraisal and treatment based on dowsing, has the potential to help an individual or a business to move forward by restoring balance to the client, the business and the environment. 
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Peter Stott

Peter Stott is an experienced professional dowser and is available for consultations throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.  He specialises in the harmonising of detrimental environmental energies of many different kinds including Geopathic Stress.  He was one of the first consultants in the UK to be accredited by the Feng Shui Society, and he is on the Professional Register of the British Society of Dowsers. 
He teaches dowsing and the clearing of Geopathic Stress and other detrimental energies to groups or on a one-to-one basis. 
He works both on-site and remotely.   Peter also provides a crystal supply service where he uses his dowsing skills to choose the right crystal for the client.  Peter is a Practitioner with the Academy of Source Energy Healing and Wisdom.
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Jilly Stott

Jilly Stott is professionally qualified and available for Feng Shui consultations on business premises and private houses throughout the UK.  Consultations concentrate on maximising the full Feng Shui potential of the building ensuring that the property is energetically clear and that it is supportive for the business and / or the members of the family.  Jilly recommends the supportive colours for each area, together with the best positions for chairs and desks, and in private houses the best positions for individual beds.  Both the form and detailed compass methods are used to evaluate each property. Jilly is also professionally qualified as a Master of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Date Selection.  She is the founder of the Academy of Source Energy Healing and Wisdom.

"Jillian and Peter came to my home near Leeds and between them performed a space clearing ceremony, which cleansed and blessed my home. This has helped me to move on from my divorce and motivated me to embrace change with hope, expectation, joy and love. Peter assessed my property for geopathic stress and all problems were eradicated completely. I then had a thorough Feng Shui assessment, with manageable solutions to all problem areas. All this wonderful work was confirmed and backed up by a wonderful report with everything detailed within it. I then asked Jillian to produce an eastern astrological chart and report for me, which she did as thoroughly and comprehensively as everything this special couple are wont to do. It is such an incredible document and so accurate, and will help, support and guide me throughout my life." - WS

"I have had tremendous results in all areas of my life due to Peter and Jillian's Feng Shui cures. I would thoroughly recommend them as they come and take the time to get to the roots of problems that you may be encountering and advise on the cures that really do work, this is from personal experience. As they both are qualified in different subjects and have a wealth of knowledge, this makes their services extremely valuable. Have recommended them to all my friends and would to anyone who is thinking of having Feng Shui done." - ST

"Source Energy Healing has really helped me so much. I have been able to move forward with my life easily and smoothly, before I was stuck and confused." - EA

"Jillian, I am so grateful, just one treatment and I feel so much better. This is truly transformational, thank you so much!" - LS

"What a fabulous new healing method! I can thoroughly recommend it, both as distant and hands-on healing. Thank you Jillian!" - CS

"Jillian, your 12 month unique Personal Forecasts has helped me to achieve my very best, thank you." - AA

"Wow! That was so helpful. Please prepare my forecast for 2016." - WS

"Thank you for coming to my house and helping me and my family to live in a more peaceful and fulfilling house and in due course, our lives through the work that you did for us today. It is such a blessed gift you have and thank you for sharing it with us." - AT

"Well, I cannot believe that it is only 2 weeks since you cleared the house, it seems so much longer. The first thing that I noticed was a palpable silence and quietness, even though it has always been a quiet and peaceful house to me. I have had music on a lot less, and just want the quiet and stillness. The next major thing I noticed was that I do not wake up aching any more. I used to wake most morning feeling very achy, which I had put down to my physical job and possibly that my mattress was coming to the end of its life. I would say that initially after the clearing, I slept more for about a week, but now my energy seems to have improved greatly and I am extremely active, more active than for many years." - MW

"I really did enjoy this course, particularly the opportunities to do practical work. Much thanks!" - AG

"I thought that it was a first-class course. Peter is a sensitive, sincere and compelling teacher. I learned so much and am most grateful to him for being so free in imparting his extensive knowledge." - RM

"All my queries were dealt with, with clarity, knowledge and humour. Many thanks! I look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice." - HB

"This has been brilliant! I have learnt so much." - CA

"Peter is a very informative and supportive teacher. I gained a huge amount of confidence over the weekend thanks to his clear and concise teaching." - A happy customer

"A brilliant weekend! Peter’s delivery was clear and focused. I learnt a huge amount. Thank you for answering all the questions and for your comprehensive and sensitive approach. A very special course!" - A satisfied customer

"Peter is the best lecturer I have worked within a long while. The content was excellent and delivery clear and concise and well-paced even with the extra hour on Saturday. It was worth every minute." - TG

"Peter was outstanding in every way and so generous with his advice, help and tips. I particularly appreciated Peter’s emphasis on the honouring of buildings, earth and source. Thank you, Peter." -MF

"Things are calmer, much calmer I must say. Peter is a very gifted person. He is like a magician and his purpose and intention with his job causes transformation." - MA

"It was a delight to meet you and to experience the effect of your work. I must confess I felt quite elated afterwards, and R also noted the same feeling himself. I will keep you informed how things go for C and myself." - FB

AD foundation course "Everything was explained clearly, precisely and in some cases down to a level we could understand. My thanks to Peter for taking the time to go through my questions and explain them, alleviating some concerns and doubts." - A happy customer

LM foundation course "I found Peter to be an inspiring teacher and his anecdotes were particularly interesting." - A satisfied customer

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Academy of Source Energy Healing® and Wisdom®

Jilly Stott is the Founder of the Academy of Source Energy Healing® and Wisdom®.  Source Energy Healing, a gentle yet profound healing system, works on the cells of the body and brings healing on every level, to mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Source Energy Wisdom® Guidance Cards are 'Windows to Enlightenment'.  You can train as a Source Energy Healing Practitioner and also as a Wisdom® Guidance Card Practitioner with the Academy.