Academy of Source Energy Healing® and Wisdom®

Academy of Source Energy Healing® and Wisdom® UK

Many people have described the effects of Source Energy Healing as an inner glow filling them with wonderful positive energy. A client described it as enabling her to 'stand in her own power', be very positive and happy as well as feeling 20 years younger. Contact Jilly, or one of her Practitioners, to organise your personal Hands-on or Distant Healing session to fully appreciate this incredibly powerful healing. A one hour session costs £60 and a half-hour session is £33. You can train as a Source Energy Healing Practitioner with the Academy so that you can help other people on their own unique soul path.

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Source Energy Wisdom® Guidance Cards

Each card has its own vibration. There are six Master Cards, each representing an Ascended Master, plus five accompanying one each for: Mary Magdalena, John the Baptist, Sananda, Mary, Kuthumi and Melchizedek, plus five accompanying guidance cards to complete each set.  There is a detailed guidebook with two pages devoted to each of the thirty-six cards.
You will be able to discover your own soul/life journey, whilst at the same time overcoming life challenges to enable you to awaken to your soul purpose and evolve into the being of Source Light that you are. You will be guided and shown how to make your life Heaven on Earth filled with abundance and joy by living each moment in the present, aware of your heart-to-heart connection to ALL THAT IS.
Card messages and guide book by Jilly Stott and Leslé Ayre with inspiration from Rosa. Original artwork by Kerry Beall at
You can also train to give professional Source Energy Wisdom® Card guidance with the Academy of Source Energy Healing® and Wisdom®.
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